Exploring aero-structural ideas with an open mind ...

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Computational Engineering Design of Aerial Vehicle concepts and other high performance aero-structural products. 

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Advanced autonomous hybrid e-VTOL aerial vehicle concept for long-range and remote hovering missions. NaviaWorks was founded during the Singularity  University Ventures Incubator Program at NASA Ames in May 2018.

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Aerospace Engineering Services

Digital Mock Up

Aerodynamics. Structures. Aeroelasticity.

Aerodynamic design of a new kind of rotary flying device for wireless communication network deployment.

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Aerostructural Engineering for high performance cycling. 

Carbon cycling components for racing, training, fitness,

and sports recreation.

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Aerial Remote Sensing solutions for Precision Agriculture.

Data. Decisions. Success.

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High Performance Windsurfing Components

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Wind Energy for a cleaner planet.

High performance blades and rotors.

Same wind, more energy.


Center of Excellence for Generative Design of ultralight structural parts for Digital Manufacturing.
Inspired by Nature. Assisted by AI. Designed by Engineers.
Artificial Intelligence assisted optimization of material distribution to ensure structural integrity with minimum weight.